​​​​​Now Available 

​Braille Too: The Next Generation

The new and improved UEB version of Braille Too has been released! Like BRL2 Publishing's previous products, Braille Too: The Next Generation is sold on a USB drive that contains all the files needed for an individual teacher to print and emboss teacher and student editions, as well as BRF files for use with a refreshable braille device. It retains the format and much of the content contained in the original curriculum, but is reorganized and rewritten to accommodate the changes that were made with the adoption of UEB. With over 1000 print pages in the teacher's edition, over 600 braille pages in the student edition--in a wide variety of formats (sentences, paragraphs, drills, matching, multiple choice, etc.) and including all commonly-encountered punctuation, special symbols, indicators, and modifiers in addition to all contractions (plus over 200 pages of large print writing exercises)--it is the most comprehensive curriculum available to teach secondary students and adults who were previously print readers to read and write Unified English Braille. Designed to be flexible in order to accommodate different learning styles and rates, it allows teachers to use as little or as much of the included material as necessary for an individual student to gain competence with a given group of contractions or symbols.

The price for the complete program (all teacher and student material) is $400 for drives containing the teacher's materials in print (MS Word file using Arial 14 pt for teachers able to read print) with student material in braille. Drives containing the teacher's edition in braille (files in both Duxbury and .brf formats for teachers who are blind) as well as the braille student materials are available for $500. Please specify which teacher edition is needed when ordering.

​Shipping is $4.00 (for up to 4 thumb drives in the same mailer).  Please contact BRL2 Publishing for quotes on optional insurance on shipping and/or shipping more than 4 copies.

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