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Coming Soon--Braille Too: The Next Generation

The new and improved UEB version of Braille Too is soon to be released! Like BRL2 Publishing's previous products, Braille Too: The Next Generation will be sold on a USB drive that contains all the files needed to print and emboss teacher and student editions. It retains the format and much of the content contained in the original curriculum, but is reorganized and rewritten to accommodate the changes that were made with the adoption of UEB. With over 1000 print pages in the teacher's edition, over 600 braille pages in the student edition, and over 200 pages of writing exercises, it will be the most comprehensive curriculum available to teach secondary students who were previously print readers to read and write Unified English Braille.

Introductory price (guaranteed through the end of 2017) will be $400 for drives containing a print teacher's edition. (Braille teacher's edition will also be available for an additional $100.)